Adding Non 360 Locations to a Map

There exist a few scenarios where you may want to create and distribute a mapping experience, but do not have 360 content available with which to do so.

Our newest feature solves this problem and allows for you to map any location on a map. There are two possible scenarios for this:

  1. Our creator team is actively working in your destination but has simply not made it to your desired location yet to capture
  2. The location that you wish to map is on our excluded list of locations (hospitals, chain restaurants, pharmacies, secure locations such as military bases.

This should not however prevent you from being able to add any of these locations to a map and distributed to a potential meeting/event planner or similar customer type of your organization.

There are a number of ways in which to check if 360 content exists for a location:

  1. Search within the "Discover" tab and see if there exist 360 content for a location
  2. Search within the "Locations" tab and see if there exists 360 content for a location
  3. Create a map and search for the location

If the location does not in fact exist, you can simply follow the following steps to create a location and subsequently map this location:

  1. Navigate to the locations tab
  2. Click "Add Location"
  3. Search for the location in the search box provided by Google
  4. Locate and select your point of interest
  5. Edit the location details (address, website, email etc.)
  6. Add a thumbnail image (please use high res imagery only)

You may now create a map with the location that you just created and distribute this map as you would normally.