Adding Pins to a Collection Map

Add Locations to your map that do not have a virtual tour capture

While building a Collection Map, you may find some locations you wish to add that do not have a virtual tour yet. There are two possible scenarios for this:

  1. The Creator is actively working in your destination but has yet to capture that Location
  2. The Location that you wish to map is not one you intend to be captured (like a parking garage or hospital).
This should not however prevent you from being able to add any of these locations to a map and distributed to a potential meeting/event planner or similar customer type of your organization.

If the location does not exist in your Dashboard yet, follow the next steps to create a location and pin for your map.

  1. Navigate to the Locations tab
  2. Click "Add Location" in the top right hand corner.
  3. Search for the location in the search box provided by Google. This will display results based on your query and IP address.
  4. Locate and select your point of interest. If you selected a suggested result, the address details will auto-fill.
  5. Edit the location details if necessary (address, website, email etc.)
  6. Upload a thumbnail still image.

You can now search and find this location within the Map tool to plot this location on your Collection Map. You can make further adjustments in the Map tool itself, such as changing the category, adding a subtitle, or adding a Call-To-Action.