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Analytics v1.1

The latest updates to the Threshold 360 Analytics within the Dashboard

  • A view is counted when there is a call made to the Threshold within 0.5 seconds of load. It is counted across all mediums - Threshold Map, Sharelinks, and the tour being explored in Custom Maps as well. The prior call was counted further back in the load process, accounting for some missed views.
  • A unique user is counted based upon IP Address within the same 24 hour period. IP Addresses are uniquely difficult, as mobile services often use the same IP depending on the cell tower. Our system looks back through the 24-hour block and sees if the IP is unique to that block and then counts it.
  • An engagement is counted when the user interacts with the tour - excluding buffering time and loading time. If a user interacts with multiple tours with a location, it will count each time.
  • A completion is the number of times the tours have been either engaged with until the last image in the tour or the autoplay has run until the last image of the tour. There is no change from the former on this.
  • Video Time is how long the tour has been playing on autoplay. There has been no change to the analytics on this.
  • Google Views were being throttled due to the incredible volume of views. Our new process tracks the total views on each pano for each day, and we have a retry of 3 times built-in on fail. Extensive testing has shown that even if Google throttles the API call to count and it errors out, it will succeed the second time. Former Google Views were counted by running a delta equation to get the views based on the views the day before, and the calculations were causing the process to run extremely long. The new process does not delta the amounts, meaning that it now shows the cumulative total views per day.