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Billing Questions

Got billing questions? Learn more about the billing options for the Threshold 360 Platform

Q - What do I do when my trial period ends?

A - When the trial ends, you will be provided with the opportunity to upgrade your account to the full version.

Q - How will I know how may days are left in my trial period?

A - Within the platform you will see a ribbon that indicates how many days are left within the trial period.

Q - Am I allowed to upgrade before my trial ends?

A - Yes, to upgrade before the end of your trial simply click the "upgrade" button in the top right hand corner to pick your upgrade level and process your payment information.

Q - Can i pay via another form of payment other than with credit card?

A - At present the only other option available to you for payment is via invoice, but yes there are other options for you to choose from!

Q - I would like to update my payment information. Is there a way to do this?

A - Yes, you are allowed to updated your payment info simply by clicking on the tab within the customer dashboard and re-entering your payment information.

Q - What do I do if my credit card was declined?

A - Unfortunately, banks and payment institutions don't usually offer us detailed information when a method of payment is declined. Check to make sure your credit card is valid and up to date by contacting your bank of financial institution. 

Q - Am I allowed to upgrade/change my plan?

Yes you are allowed to upgrade the plan by contacting us at support@threshold360.com.