Logos & Branding

Your organization's logo and branding in your virtual tours.


When setting up your Threshold 360 Dashboard, be sure to add your organization's logos to the "Organization Settings" within your Dashboard Settings page.

  • Logo Implementation: When your virtual tours are shown in share pages, maps, or embedded implementations, your logos will appear in the top right-hand corner. 
  • Tour Logo Transition: During inter-tour transitions within the viewer, the licensee’s logo will be prominently exhibited. In instances where an account logo is unattainable, the system will revert to the primary Threshold 360 logo.
  • Custom Logo Implementation: The system now facilitates the integration of user-defined logos on both Print Maps and Share Maps, endorsing a higher degree of personalization and brand alignment.

Google Branding (Entry Pro or Enterprise Pro Subscription Required):

In the "Connected Platforms" section of your Dashboard Settings, activate the "Branded Google MyBusiness" account. Once this has been activated, the virtual tours that are captured and uploaded to the location's Google Business listing will feature your organization's branding in the top left-hand corner.