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Building Your First Custom Map

Custom Maps are used to create – and distribute – visual maps that include your Virtual Tours – and are a highly engaging and versatile way of telling the story of a location.

Custom Maps can be easily customized, and provide an overview of a destination, or alternately, all the locations that are part of an event, experience, or tour – such as a Wine Trail experience or local festival. Creating these maps is easy and can be completed in just a few clicks:

  1. Navigate to the "Maps" tab
  2. To add a map, just click the “Add Map Button”, and give the map a title.
  3. For each map, you may choose to set an “Anchor” (base reference location), or just add any location that you want. Anchor maps are good for events that focus around a central point of interest and you want to show locations around that point of interest, say a convention or conference as the focal point, and neighboring dining options nearby.
  4. If just adding locations- say, for a site-visit or restaurant week event- you would just simply Add Locations to the map.
  5. Click on the Locations in the left hand panel to customize any categories, add calls-to-action, and update any relevant contact info.
  6. When you are finished customizing, select the Share button at the top to share your map. You also have publishing options to embed or print your Collection Map.

In just a few minutes, you have created a mapped virtual experience that is ready to be shared with your network!