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Understanding Rates & Payments

Up to date info on our capture rates, payment process, and other details to help you understand your pay

*All rates are expressed in USD

Download Threshold 360 Capture Rates Q3 2021

The PDF linked above shows Threshold's In-Market Capture Rates which are the most common jobs that a Creator is assigned. There are other variables that might impact a location's rate like travel, capture time, and the market type. Keep reading!

Rate Make-up

Threshold's Capture Rates are made up of 3 ingredients: 

  1. Capture time - the time you actually spend at a location capturing
  2. Travel - funds to cover your travel time and expenses to and from a location
  3. Other - funds to cover the other potential expenses associated with traveling to a location to capture like parking and tolls 

The rate for a Creator's capture time starts at $30/hour and works up from there depending on the market type and capture type. "Travel" assumes that a Creator is driving to said locations. "Other" assumes that some parking, tolls, and other fees will be incurred for each and every location.  

Market Types

Below are the 3 market types that all DMO partner locations are classified under with their associated rates for the two common Capture Types (Scheduled and Stop By). The pay for Capture time (what a Creator is paid to actually capture on-site) is in parenthesis next to the rate. This pay for Capture time is for the first 90-minutes of a job. Time spent beyond 90-minutes is considered an "exception". Scroll down to read our Exceptions & Reporting Policy.


In Market: locations/projects within a 40-mile roundtrip drive from your home base (20 miles there, 20 miles back home)

Drive Market: locations/projects requiring a 90-mile drive from your home base, one way

Travel Market: locations/projects requiring Threshold to pay for travel and lodging (e.g. a Threshold Project Manager asks if you would like to take a job outside of your state/province, requiring you to fly and stay there for 7 days)


Capture Type (DMO only)

In Market

Drive Market

Travel Market


$75 ($30/hour)

$150 ($30/hour)

$120 ($60/hour)

Stop By

$40 ($30/hour)

$50 ($40/hour)

$50 ($40/hour)

Payment Process 

We use the online HR service Gusto to pay you. You'll receive an email with instructions on setting up your account during Creator Onboarding. Gusto registration will prompt you to fill out your direct deposit authorization and W-9 information. 


We pay via Direct Deposit on a weekly basis:

    • The submission deadline for publishing imagery is Thursdays at 11:59 PM (EST), the new pay period begins on Fridays
    • You will learn how to tag locations you capture during Capture Training. This must be done properly in order to reflect the appropriate per location rate that you’ll be paid.
    • You will be sent a payment report by Monday for the previous week’s completed locations to review and approve (see pay example below)
    • Payment will be directly deposited to you on Friday for the prior week’s completed locations
    • Processing is subject to delay when a U.S. National Holiday falls on a weekday 


    Pay Period Example









    Begin Pay Period

    2 scheduled

    3 stop-by


    1 scheduled

    2 stop-by

    4 stop-by

    2 scheduled

    1 stop-by

    End Pay Period

    PUBLISH Deadline @ 11:59 PM EST


    Regardless of what Creators are scheduled for in a given week, the pay is based on the Completed Tours (published work) received by Thursday at 11:59 PM (EST) of that pay period. 

    In the example above, the 5 scheduled and 10 stop-by locations were published within the same week it was captured, resulting in no discrepancies with the date scheduled versus the date published. However, if the Wednesday locations were not published until Friday, it would count towards the following week’s pay period, not the current one. 

    Exceptions, Extra Time, Extra Travel

    Not every location fits cleanly into the buckets listed above. We often don't know exactly where locations will be or how far you'll have to travel to capture them. We increase rates dynamically if Creators travel further than the allotted distance or spend additional time on site capturing. We call any of these instances exceptions. Exceptions must be reported to the field team during the week in which they occur. Check out our Exceptions & Reporting Policy here.