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Content QA Key

This article will help you understand Threshold's Content QA standards, flagging codes, and colors.

Each and every location that a Threshold 360 Creator captures is reviewed by the Threshold Content Production Team. That team will "flag" any and all locations that don't meet Threshold's Content Quality Standards. Each flagged location will be marked with a color and the QA code(s) that indicate what the issue is. Once a location is flagged, the CP team may request that a Creator goes back to the location to recapture imagery. Read our Go Back policy here. To see a flowchart of the Content QA Process, go here


Yellow  - Minor, routine errors that are common amongst Creators. These flags are reported so that Creators can continually improve

Orange  - More major issue, might require a Go Back or equipment change

Red - Major issue. Content may be unworkable. Will likely will require a Go Back.


Code Explanation
(CV) Creator Visible
Some part of the Creator is visible in the shot(s). Could be the head, hat, hoody, backpack, hair, hand, elbows, shoulders, etc. 
(MB) Motion Blur Either the Creator was not still during the capture or there was excessive movement of people, cars, etc during the capture. Could also be due to incorrect camera settings. 
(CD) Camera Defect Dirty or scratched lens, fog or rain on the lens, lenses misaligned.
(VO) Visual Obstruction Photo positioning is too close to walls or corners, the user is forced to navigate over tables or through signs, etc.
(TC) Tight Corners Transitions are too tight around, or through, corners.
(BP) Branched Path Captured in a branched path, attempting to give the user options as to where to go, as opposed to a linear capture path
(LT) Long Transitions Distance between photo positions is too large
(EP) Excessive Panos Distance between photo positions is too short causing more photos than necessary to be included in the tour
(DP) Duplicate Panos/ Tours Multiples of the same pano or tours was published
(L) Leveling Because the camera was not positioned in a level & upright manner, the tilt of the panos is off
(OA) Overlapping Arrows The capture path overlaps itself causing navigation arrows to land on top of each other, thus confusing the user
(PO) Panos Out of Order Panos were captured and published out of order making it difficult to connect
(NVT) Naming and Ordering of Virtual Tours Individual tours were not named properly or tours were not published in the order they should have been (e.g. Main Entrance 1st, etc)
(CT) Combine Tours Individual tours were too small so various tours needed to be combined to create full tours
(ST) Split Tour Individual tours were too large to said tours needed to be split into two or more separate tours
(UD) Uncentered Doors/Distance from Doors Shots outside and just inside of doorways are either uncentered, too far away (greater than 15'), or too close  (closer than 5')
(INC) Incomplete Location/Tours Location is missing tours of unique areas that should have been highlighted or individual tours did not go deep enough, leaving out critical imagery
(GV) Issue with Grandview Shot(s) Either a location is missing a Grandview altogether, the Grandview was not captured properly, or the Grandview did not connect to the main entrance area of the location
(CH) Camera Height Camera is positioned either too high or too low
(IL) Incorrect Location Imagery belongs to a different location
(O) Other Other issue not stated above. CP team member will provide detail in the notes section. 


Want to avoid flags all together? We would love that! Check out this checklist of the Capture Priorities that need to be considered at every location. If you do these things, rarely will content be flagged.