Creating a Neighborhood Awareness Program With Threshold Collection Maps

Threshold 360 Maps are a great way to support your neighborhood locations when you want to highlight specific aspects of their business

In times of difficulty or just showcasing all the great things to do in your neighborhood, using Threshold 360 maps are a great way to create awareness and develop partnerships with local vendors and small businesses.

Here are some of the ways to show your support and spread the gospel about the great places in your destination:

  • Discover Newport - The team at Discover Newport created a map of all locations in the destinatination to highlight restaurants that have delivery and take-out options

    Discover Newport Take-Out and Delivery
  • Happy Hours and Restaurant Weeks - Using the subtitle feature on collection maps allows you to highlight and mention special happy hours or information on specific prix fixe menu items
  • Special Menu Items - Have a signature item on the menu at a restaurant or location? Mention it at the subtitle level with maps, or let customers know about the 5pm managers happy hour
  • Special Hotel and AirBnb Room Rates - If you are a restaurant and looking to assist the lodging community, you can create collection maps with lodging options and list the special rates within 

Adding subtitles to feature the above items is easy in the Threshold 360 Customer Dashboard:

  1. Log into
  2. Create your map with the locations
  3. Add the subtitle by clicking the left panel and entering text into the "Subtitle" field and click "Save"

You can also add/edit any necessary categories by:

  1. Clicking the categories tab in the left panel
  2. Adding or editing a category to your liking
  3. Then simply edit the location category to the category you just created in the dropdown menu