Creating a Neighborhood Awareness Program With Custom Maps

Custom Maps are a great way to support a neighborhood by highlighting their unique locations within

Showcase all the great things to do in your neighborhood by building a Custom Map to create awareness and develop partnerships with local vendors and small businesses.


  •  Highlight Dining options: The team at Discover Newport created a map of all locations in their destination to highlight restaurants that have delivery and take-out options

    Discover Newport Take-Out and Delivery
  • Happy Hours and Restaurant Weeks - Use the subtitle feature in custom maps to highlight  happy hours or details on restaurant events
  • Special Menu Items - Have a signature item on the menu at a restaurant or location? Include it in the location subtitle to let customers know about special prix fixe menu items
  • Special Hotel and AirBnb Room Rates - Create a custom map with lodging options and list the special rates within the subtitles

Adding Subtitles

  1. Log into your Dashboard and click the Maps tab
  2. Add Map and select the locations you wish to include on your map
  3. Click a location in the left hand panel to open it and edit the details
  4. Enter your text into the Subtitle field and click Save

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 3.40.30 PM