Creating Quick Calls-to-Action

Use your Custom Maps to showcase other areas of your site or destination with calls-to-action (CTAs)!

CTAs are an excellent way to funnel viewers to other important pages or links within your site. Here's a few ideas to think about incorporating into your Custom Map CTAs:

  • Registration links
  • Hotel booking links
  • Lead generation
  • Downloadable visitor guides
  • E-Newsletter signups
  • And more!

Add a CTA to a Map Location:

  1. Go to your Dashboard and click the Maps tab.
  2. Open an existing map, or create a new one by clicking Add Map
  3. Add Locations to your map.
  4. Select a Location in the left side panel to open it and edit the details. You'll see a space to add a Call to Action URL and Label. Add a website URL and adjust the Label as you see fit. 
  5. Select Save. Add any other CTAs to your map locations that you wish. 

Add a general CTA to your Map

  1. You can also add a general CTA to your Custom Map that's not tied to a specific location. Select Map Settings in the Map Builder.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the panel and you'll see an additional CTA form. 
  3. Add your URL and a Label and you'll see the CTA appear in the top right corner of your map. 

Tip: Instead of a web URL, CTAs can be customized to showcase a phone number or email address!


In the CTA URL field, type: tel: 55555555 (the phone number with no spaces)


In the CTA URL field, type mailto: (intended email address)


Be sure to adjust the CTA Label accordingly if using a phone or email option!