Customizing Your Collection Map

Customizing your collection map can be done in a manner of a few clicks!

Now that you have created your first map, there are plenty of ways in which for you to customize the map to the liking of its intended audience:

Deleting Locations - You may accidentally add a location that you did not intend to. Deleting a location from a map is easy:

  • In the left panel where the locations are, click on the trash can icon in the bottom right corner. From there you can select and remove locations that you do not want 
  • When finished simply click the "done" button and you are all set

Sorting Locations - In addition to deleting locations, you can also determine the manner or order in which the locations display to your users:

  • Alphabetical Sort - Sort by alphabetical order
  • Categorical Sort - Sort by the pre-determined category
  • Proximity Sort - Sort by the distance from the anchor location (this only displays if you have built an anchor map as your map type
  • Manual Sort - You are able to drag and drop the locations into and out of any order you wish