Dashboard 23.3 Release Notes

The latest product release and improvements to the Threshold 360 Viewer and Dashboard

New Features:


  • The ability to add a pop-up box where text explanations and supplemental imagery can go.
  • Key Enhancements:
    • Hotspot Introduction: Added a hotspot feature to our pano views, allowing users to interact with and enhance their viewing experience.
    • User-Friendly Hotspot Creation: Users can now conveniently add hotspots by simply right-clicking anywhere on the viewer. This streamlined approach simplifies the hotspot creation process, making it accessible to a broader range of users.
    • Comprehensive Hotspot Features: Our hotspot enhancements include a range of features:
      • Naming: Users have the ability to provide names for hotspots, improving clarity and organization.
      • Descriptions: Descriptive information can be added to hotspots, offering context and additional information to viewers.
      • Image Upload: Users can upload images to hotspots, allowing for visual cues and informative visuals.
      • Click-Through Links: Hotspots can be associated with click-through links, providing direct access to related content or external resources.

Simpleview API

  • Integrated the SimpleView API into our application, which marks a significant enhancement for our clients who utilize both the SimpleView CRM and Threshold360 platforms.

  • Enable SimpleView integration from the dashboard:

    • Users can now enable or disable the SimpleView integration according to their needs. In addition to this, users have to provide their username, password, and base URL for SimpleView within the dashboard’s integration settings, streamlining the setup process.


    To ensure that the SimpleView Integration functions properly, follow these steps:

    1. Toggle on the integration in your organization settings.
    2. Fill in the required information, including the SimpleView username, password, and base URL (e.g., ----.simpleviewcrm.com/webapi/cms).
    3. Update the listing information that has the corresponding Location in our Threshold dashboard.
    4. Make sure that each SimpleView listing contains the T-360 Location ID.

The following LicenseeLocation details are being updated in the Threshold360 Dashboard:

    • Name
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Phone
    • Contact Email
    • Web URL

Logo Customization

  • Custom Logo Implementation: The system now facilitates the integration of user-defined logos on both Print Maps and Share Maps, endorsing a higher degree of personalization and brand alignment.
  • Tour Logo Transition: During inter-tour transitions within the viewer, the licensee’s logo will be prominently exhibited. In instances where an account logo is unattainable, the system will revert to the primary Threshold 360 logo.

(Automated) KPI Reports

  • In-depth Monthly Metrics: Within the Analytics Dashboard, users can now access and download the prior month’s KPI analysis, providing insights into metrics including:
    • Unique visitor demographics
    • Comparative counts of Google and Threshold Views
    • Metrics pertaining to Clicks and Click Throughs
    • Engagement Rate analytics
    • Data on foremost engaged and interacted locations
  • Scheduled Reports Dispatch: Within the User Preferences under the Report Settings, users can authorize the dispatch of automated KPI evaluations. Upon activation, these analytical summaries will be systematically sent to the associated email address every 1st of the subsequent month.

Pano Enhancement

  • Augmented Visual Quality: In our continued effort to deliver unparalleled image fidelity, we have integrated an advanced enhancement protocol. Upon request, Threshold 360 can now quickly enhance your panoramic images using AI.

Publishing Tab Removal

  • Temporary Removal
    • The “Publishing Tab” was removed from the dashboard to address certain limitations and to provide room for improvements.
  • Future Integration Plans
    • Continuously improving our platform, and as part of our future development roadmap, plans to replace the “Publishing Tab” with more robust and user-friendly integrations of social media platforms