Dashboard v3.1.0 Release Notes

The latest updates to the Threshold 360 Customer Dashboard

Locations Tab

  • New design that clearly separates locations with virtual tours and pins. 
  • Delete Locations and pins.
  • Expanded Searching. Address, Listing ID, and Threshold ID are fields users can search by in addition to the name of the location.
  • Enabled easy editing ability from the Location page itself, streamlining the location data management for users with multiple locations.
  • Changed the layout of the Location Details page. We've eliminated the tabs, bringing the analytics and Threshold Links front and center for easy access. 
  • Included Category and Operating Hours as fields that can be edited.
  • Reorder the tours within each location.
  • Make tours active or hidden across all platforms within the Dashboard.
  • Add notes to specific tours to outline things like capacity, ceiling heights, and so on. These details will show with the customizable Threshold and are found under Tour Details.
  • Tour Level Details, such as analytics for a tour, the images within are now visible.

Publishing Tab

  • New tab that allows users to directly control where their content is published to within the Dashboard.
  • Ability to Filter by "Not Added to Google" and Zero Views to help with finding location that may need to be implemented. 
  • One time activation of connection to social media platforms. 
  • Added the ability to Add or Remove a Location from Google MyBusiness Listing
  • Post to a Facebook page. Facebook recently removed the ability to mention and tag others from third party applications. Users will need to edit the post directly to add mentions and tags. Only members of the business page that have permission to post content can post. Common Facebook Page roles that allow postings are: admin, moderator, and editor.
  • Post to Twitter so long as the user has access to the Twitter credentials to login to the account. Mentions and Tags work, however each specific username must be typed out within our dashboard post. There will be no visual indication within our dashboard that mentions and hashtags work.
  • Post to LinkedIn so long as the user has access to LinkedIn credentials. Users will need to edit the post directly to add mentions and tags.