Learning About the Discover Tab

This interactive Discover map is used to allow you to explore both your own licensed locations, and the Threshold library as a whole.

When you start up the Dashboard, the camera view will automatically focus on (DMO: my geographical area, Hotel: my Hotel), and show all the captured locations in that area – restaurants, attractions, and so on.

Each individual location shows its location type with an icon, making it easy for you to discover what’s around.

To locate and view 360 content within the map, you have the following options:

  • Zoom in to click on various locations to show accessibility of virtual tours
  • Use “Filter” Control to filter for Bars or Restaurants etc.
  • Search for a known city, and a known location in the map

The Discover tab is a terrific way to look at the actual geographic placement of your licensed locations., or get a clear view of the other content that’s available to you as virtual tours.