The Discover Tab

Explore the Discover tab and see an overview of your licensed content as well as the full Threshold library of virtual tours all within one interactive map.

When you enter the Dashboard, the Discover map shows an overview of your neighborhood with various colored pins populating on an interactive map. Each pin shows its location type with an icon, making it easy for you to discover what’s around. You can click & drag, zoom in & out, and see the map update in real time to show you a vast library of virtual experiences. 

To search the Discover map:

  • Click and drag with your mouse or zoom in and out to change your map area. Hover and click on pins that display to explore an area. 
  • Superhero Search Mode. Use the Search bar to enter a specific location or a city name and be amazed as the map flies you to your request. Note: not all locations have a virtual
    tour... yet! We have a vision, though. 🦸🏻‍♂️
  • Filter by Category. Select from Bar, Cafe, Gas, Hotel, Health & Relaxation, Food & Dining, Shopping, and Things To Do. You can also select more than one category.

The Discover tab is a great way to get a look at the geographic area of your licensed locations, and get a clear sense of all the virtual content available.


Tip: Explore a whole new neighborhood, city, or state with the Discover tab!