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Embedding Your Virtual Tours

Using a pre-formatted code, you can embed your Threshold virtual tours onto any page on your website.

As shown in the video below, click the Location tab and search for the Location you wish to embed. Click to open the Location and then navigate to the Location Details pane where you will find a blue Embed button. Click Embed and a modal window will pop up with an embed code available in HTML and Javascript formats.  Select Copy on either code formats, and then paste it into your website's CMS feature to embed it within a webpage or blog post.

If you want to embed just a single virtual tour within a Location, locate the individual tour thumbnail within the Virtual Tours pane and select the kebab menu () on the thumbnail card. Select Edit in the menu. A modal will again appear with both HTML and Javascript embed codes. Select Copy on the code you prefer and paste it into your website's CMS. 

Embed codes work dynamically, so you can make any edits or changes to the virtual tours in your Dashboard and they will reflect automatically within the embedded virtual tour viewer, without having to re-embed the code.