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Getting Your Locations to Submit a Feedback Survey

The how-tos and tips for earning positive reviews

At the end of every scheduled capture session, we give location points of contact the opportunity to provide feedback and a chance to praise the Creator who serviced them. The Threshold 360 Field Operations team reviews these survey results in order to pinpoint who goes above and beyond and who might be a good candidate for future opportunities. Surveys take 60 seconds to submit.

Two Options:

  1. Text a link on the spot. Send them to Threshold360.com/survey.
  2. Show a QR code to scan in one of two ways:
    1. Pull up Threshold360.com/survey and scroll to the bottom where the QR code is then show them your phone.
    2. Give the POC a Leave Behind Card with the QR code on it. If you don't have physical copies of this card, request it by contacting fieldoperations@threshold360.com or message a team member on Slack. 

Regardless of how you get the location to submit a survey, we recommend saying something like -  "I'm going to have you scan this QR code and it will take you to a survey. I'd really appreciate it if you filled it out. It takes 60 seconds and it helps me."


Here's how Natalia B in Denver, CO gets her locations to submit a survey, in her own words:

"I text them the morning of to confirm our appointment then I let them know at the end of capturing that I’ll be texting them a quick survey that’ll link them to the map where their tour will be visible in 72 hours. Then when I get home I send them a quick text saying that it was great working with them or meeting them and a link to the survey. So there is a little bit of texting rapport already built by the time they get the survey link."


All locations receive an automated follow-up email 3 days after their appointment time with a link to the survey as well, but it's more likely that they'll submit the survey through one of the methods above.