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Location Go Back Policy

This article explains Threshold 360's Go Back Policy, those instances when Threshold requests the Creator to recapture a space

All Threshold Virtual Tours should follow the Principles of Capturing a Quality Location. This is the guide to assessing content that the Content QA team uses to determine whether a Creator needs to Go Back or not and whether a Go Back will be paid or not.


Key Terms

Recapture - General term used for anytime a location needs their content to be updated, whether by Creator mistake, customer request, or a general refresh due to old content

Refresh - Content at a location requires a partial or full update because existing content is now inaccurate and/or old

Go Back - New content that was recently captured by a Creator that has been flagged by Content QA. Go Back can either be Paid or Unpaid.


Criteria for requesting that a Creator “Go Back” paid

  • Threshold is unable to edit the content and fix the problem 
  • No mistake was made by the Creator, rather, for a technical or circumstantial reason, the user experience is significantly degraded
  • Due to inclement weather, the Creator was not able to finish the capture session
  • The Creator has not been sent on a Go Back in the past (Creators receive a "free pass" for their first Go Back)

Criteria for requesting that a Creator “Go Back” unpaid

  • Threshold is unable to edit the content and fix the problem 
  • A mistake was made by the Creator that significantly degrades the user experience, including but not limited to:
    • Missing Grandview shots
    • Incomplete Locations (missing content) - full spaces not captured that result in key aspects of the location not being highlighted
    • Bad transitions resulting in the user going through objects, doors, corners, walls, etc.
    • Uncentered doorway transition shots
    • The Creator or the camera/equipment is visible in the virtual tour experience
    • Technical/equipment difficulties that are the result of Creator error
  • The Creator has been sent on a Go Back in the past (they’ve used their one "free pass")


Read the Content QA Key to understand all of the reason that a Creator might be asked to Go Back to a location and take a look at this flowchart of the Content QA Process.