How to Market Your Destination’s Accessibility with Threshold 360

Threshold 360 is committed to promoting accessibility features of locations and inviting all visitors to "step inside."

Threshold 360 Virtual Tours are uniquely suited to highlight accessibility features and increase your visitors' confidence before even arriving to your destination. Here are some suggestions that will enable you to easily share your locations' accessibility with your audience:
  1. Ask your Creator to capture the ADA features of each of your partners' locations during your session. When booking your appointment online, there is a section where you can write in any ADA areas and specifications that you would like for the Creator to capture. Some examples include ADA-compliant guest rooms and bathrooms, or capturing entrances from a certain angle or distance to show ramps or handrails. 
  2. Utilize the Threshold Custom Map Builder to create guides and itineraries highlighting accessibility. Examples: Low Mobility Itinerary Autism Travel. As a bonus, Custom Maps within your destination are free to view, allowing a broader range of viewers to virtually enjoy the best of what your destination has to offer.
  3. Threshold’s Virtual Tour Details feature allows you to add accessibility details to a specific virtual tour. 
  4. Create Custom Threshold Links highlighting accessible rooms within a location that can be shared with visitors who need specific accommodations. Some examples include: Homewood Suites by Hilton Downtown Grand Rapids Tru By Hilton-Comstock Galveston Beach. When creating a Custom Threshold Link, you can also include a CTA button that links to the location’s accessible features. 
  5. Create Landing Pages on your websites with embedded tours and maps that highlight your Destination’s accessibility.
  6. Embed Threshold Tours on your website in a large, prominent format so that it is easy for visitors who are vision impaired to still enjoy your destination's collection of tours. 
    Example: Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, CA

    Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 10.25.33 AM