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Understanding the Location Details Page

See everything at a glance: location-specific Analytics, custom Threshold links, and powerful editing tools

To view the Location Details Page, click a Location's name within its card in the Locations Tab.

The following video will demonstrate all of the capabilities you now have at your fingertips to present the best of your locations and measure their individual performance.

Some highlights:

  • Threshold Preview Pane - displays a preview of all tours captured at a Location
  • Location Analytics Pane - specific metrics for those tours and different ways to filter them
  • Virtual Tour Pane - hide or reorder tours. Clicking the name of any tour will bring you to the Virtual Tour Detail Page, containing a specific tour's analytics, individual images within the tour, as well as the ability to add Tour Details to any tour.
    * NOTE: If a location has only one tour, you will need to name that tour to be able to view the tour level details page.
  • Location Details Pane - grab an embed code or update the Location's information 
    * You can also edit a location's information or delete it altogether through the Location card's kebab menu (⠇)
  • Threshold Pane - create a Threshold link, including custom Thresholds that can include specific tours and Call-To-Actions.