Using Custom Maps to Power Site Inspections

Learn how to drive more business using your Custom Maps to power Site Inspections

A successful site inspection can be the difference between a deal and a lost piece of business. Custom Maps are an excellent way to increase visibility and the likelihood of successful site visit.

Create a Custom Map

  1. Login to your Dashboard and click the Maps tab.
  2. Select Add Map to start from scratch. Give your map a title
  3. Choose your map type:
    1. Set Anchor map anchored around a single location
    2. Just Add Locations general map with many points of interest
  4. Select your anchor point and/or add any locations/pins you would like 
  5. Reorder the Locations in any order if there's a specific itinerary your trying to follow.
  6. Next, consider adding subtitles to highlight any important specifics at any location, such as:
    • Potential room rates
    • Hour by hour itineraries for the day
    • Check-in times for hotels
  7. Add calls to action for each location to indicate the following:
    • Floor plans for venues/spaces
    • Unique characteristics of each venue/location
    • Menu Links
  8. You may want to create specific categories on your map. Any Location can be reassigned to a custom category. Some ideas include:
    • Meetings Venue
    • Headquarter Hotel
    • Room Block Hotels
  9. And lastly, you will want to share your map with your site inspection attendees. Click Share to copy the map link and paste it into your event emails or other collateral.

Be sure to share your Custom Map a few days in advance to allow your audience to preview the location!