Inserting Calls-to-Action in a Threshold Link

Customize your Threshold Links for any Location by adding a button that links out to another website

Many customers find value in using their virtual tours for virtual site visits or proposals regarding particular locations. For these types of scenarios and others, including additional web links within the Thresholds allows them to funnel viewers directly to key booking, reservations, or information pages that can accompany the virtual tours. 


A hotel showcasing only their meeting spaces may want to include a link to their Request for Proposal webpage.

An event at a venue may want to include the event space virtual tours as well as a link to more information about the event. 

A restaurant showing their dining accommodations may want to link to a reservations website for easy booking.

To create a custom Threshold and include a Call-to-Action:

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard's Location Tab. Search for the Location and click the location name, which will take you to the Virtual Tour Detail Page.
  2. In the bottom right panel is the Threshold Pane, which houses all Threshold links. 
  3. Create a new page by clicking the 'Add Threshold button. 
  4. Customize the URL, give the page an internal name, and then fill in the Call to Action Label with the language you wish to display on the button. 
    1. Examples: Learn More Information, Book your Event, Request for Proposal, or Make a Reservation
  5. In the Call-to-Action URL field, paste the link of the webpage you want to link out to.
    1. If you wish to include a telephone number instead of a webpage, you can use this snippet in the URL field instead:
      1. tel: 555-555-5555  (Be sure to adjust your Label as well to correspond)
  6. After you have made adjustments within the CTA Label and URL fields, select the individual Virtual Tours you want visible. When you have made a selection, hit Save.
  7. Click the Copy link or push it out to your email or social media channels. 
  8. If you wish to Embed your custom Threshold, navigate to the 'Embed' tab and copy the code. 

Each custom Threshold you create will be housed under that Location in the Locations tab. You can access and edit any previous pages created, and delete any older pages. This is a dynamic tool as well, so feel free to make edits to Thresholds as needed without having to resend the link to someone you may have already shared it with. If you decide to remove a visible tour or change the CTA, the links you have already sent out will update in real-time to reflect those changes.

*Note: If you change the URL Slug or Delete a custom page, this will not allow previous viewers to see the Share Page via the same link. Exercise caution if making changes to those fields if you've already sent out a Share Page link or published it elsewhere.