Learning About the Locations Tab

The Locations Tab is used to dive into the details of each individual location that you’ve licensed.

By clicking into one location you can see both the Location details, as well as all the different Virtual Tours. For a restaurant or other location, this might just be a single tour – for a hotel, or attraction, this could be 10-15 tours. In clicking on a virtual tour, you also have everything you need to link, download, and embed this tour elsewhere.

You can now share this link wherever and however you wish – including social media, where it will correctly use the metadata to provide a preview of the location.

You also have a “Call to Action” Option available – this allows you to set a default action for the CTA button that will be included in any Share Page links you send out to this Property.

Here in the Locations tab you also have direct access to individual location analytics, which shows specifics about this location: the total views, the engagement you are getting, and the number of times the virtual tour for this location has been watched all the way through.

Finally – if I want to make use of a location that hasn’t been captured for virtual tours, you can also easily add your own, customized locations by following these quick steps:

  1. Click on the add location button
  2. Search for the location (Powered by Google)
  3. Once you have selected your location you have the ability add a thumbnail image to the location