User Preferences

Update your user settings, change your plan, access API keys, and connect to social platforms

User preferences explained:

  • User Settings: where you can add your name, email and edit your password
  • Organization Settings: add organizational info such as your website and branding logos that will appear externally
    • Square logo specs (used for Threshold Links and Custom Maps and Content Publishers): 256, 128 or 64 Pixel
    • Wide logo specs (used for Threshold Map and Content Publishers): 300x125 pixels, or similar aspect ratio up to 900x375 pixels
    • Format JPEG, PNG
  • Invite Users: Invite team members to your Dashboard account
  • Plans: check your current plan and learn more about our other platforms
  • Billing information: confirm or update your billing details. For information on payments & billing, go here.
  • API Keys and Documentation: share with your web developer for website implementation
  • Connected Platforms: connect your Google My Business account and your social media accounts for quick publishing
  • Switch Licensees: navigate between two or more organizations
  • Log Out:  log out of your organization's Dashboard