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How do I capture Neighborhoods?

This article provides guidance to Creators who have been assigned a "Neighborhood Capture"

Occasionally DMO customers will request a "Neighborhood Capture". They want to visualize key areas within a given district, highlight a historic downtown, or show a collection of outdoor landmarks. From a Creator's perspective, this is a more open-ended project than a standard location capture. In these scenarios, a Threshold Account Manager or Field Team member will obtain a shot list from the customer including all of the city blocks or high points that they would like to be included. Those unique areas are then captured as individual virtual tours within one multi-tour named after the neighborhood.


The best way to understand this concept is to review the example neighborhood captures below!


Scioto Mile, Columbus, OH

Short North, Columbus, OH

University District, Columbus, OH

German Village, Columbus, OH

Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA

Hyde Park Village, Tampa, FL

Ybor City, Tampa, FL

Branch Brook Park Alliance, Newark, NJ