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Partner Outreach and Scheduling

This article serves as a guide to get your partners engaged and scheduled for their capture session.

You know your partners and their various needs & personalities. We recommend crafting a multi-step outreach strategy that ensures that all of the partners you'd like to participate in this program are A) well aware that this partner benefit is available at any time and B) that it benefits you and them to capture as soon as possible. Below are various outreach efforts that have been successful for other DMOs thriving on the Threshold Platform. 


First thing!

Regardless of how you get in touch with your partners, if you'd like them to schedule a capture session, the call-to-action is always...

"Go to threshold360.com/schedule!"

If they're hesitant, ensure them that they'll be able to make changes to the content, schedule another capture session down the road, or reschedule their initial appointment. The Threshold 360 Field Operations and content team are extremely accommodating. There's little risk in the partner scheduling now.

However, some of your partners will be interested in this program but they'd like to participate at a later date for a variety of reasons - it could be hotel renovations, seasonal decor, staffing changes, etc. That's ok. We'll capture at any time. We see many partners schedule months later once they feel comfortable. This is why it's important to continually promote the program throughout the year.


  1. Email Outreach - It's tried and true!
    1. Design your own email: if you have a regular template for partner newsletters or announcements, then perfect. You can pull language and assets from our templates below to craft your own message. Just be sure that this call-to-action is prominent - "Schedule now by going to threshold360.com/schedule!"
    2. Plain text emails: sometimes it’s best to keep your email outreach simple, personal, and not too marketing forward. Download our plain text email template here
    3. Custom designed co-branded emails: we’re happy to design an email campaign specifically for your DMO, comprised of 4 discreet emails, that provides interactive content examples and a clean look. Our team will send you the HTML code so that you can easily recreate these emails in your CRM or email marketing platform. To request your own campaign to be designed, email scheduling@threshold360.com. Examples here: Email #1 / Email #2 / Email #3 / Email #4
  2. Individual Partner Outreach - It's the most effective.
    1. We highly recommend reaching out to your partners individually, whether via email or phone call. At the least, doing individual outreach to your priority partners will help get the ball rolling. With a few key partners on board, you'll have example content to send around to the others, which adds credibility to the program and creates a FOMO effect.
    2. Split up your partner list between your Sales & Services team: oftentimes these team members stand to benefit the most and have the closest relationships with the partners you'd like to schedule. Wouldn't you love to call your partners to give them a free gift? We've seen Sales & Services team divide and conquer large 200+ partner lists with great effect.

    3. Phone outreach: if you'd like to include calls into your strategy, download this call script in case you need to leave a voicemail.
    4. If you get a partner on the phone, we recommend scheduling them right then and there. Do this by going to threshold360.com/schedule and signing them up yourself while they're on the phone. They'll receive an email confirmation within a few minutes.
  3. Co-host a webinar with Threshold! - Get partners excited.
    1. We'd love to co-host a webinar with you for your partners. Invite your partners to a 30-minute Zoom webinar where we will demo the Threshold platform, explain the partner benefits, give partners a chance to schedule their capture session, and answer Q & A. We'll create the webinar registration link, provide it to you to send out to your partners, and regularly send you a report of registrants leading up to the webinar. To request a webinar time, ask your Account Manager.
    2. Simply want a recording of one of our past webinars to send to your partners? Sure thing! You can send them this link
  4.  Threshold managed voice and text message campaigns - For larger volume projects of 100+ Scheduled partners.
    1. We have the ability to send mass voice messages out on your behalf. A Threshold team member will record a voice message, similar to the call script linked above, and we'll push out a call to hundreds of your partners asking them to go to our scheduling page to book their capture session. If the partner picks up, the recording starts right away. If the call goes to voicemail, the system will leave a message. 
    2. We can send a similar condensed message in a text campaign. They typically look something like this
    3. Voice and text campaigns can be done multiple times throughout the year. Just let us know if you'd like to set up a regular schedule for these. 
    4. To request a voice or text campaign to be launched, email scheduling@threshold360.com.


    Next step: Now that you have some ideas to pull from, you can decide on your outreach strategy and put a plan in place. Please let our Scheduling Coordinator know at what date you plan to launch your communications to partners so that we can ensure that our scheduling system is optimized for your project.