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The more you know, the better!

Understanding the product will help you answer questions about Threshold and the DMO partner program. No need to go deep into product explanations while capturing on-site, but having a basic understanding can help ease the conversation and make the staff at locations feel comfortable. 

The core product that Threshold 360 offers is a Destinations package geared toward Destination Marketing Organizations (also known as Convention & Visitors Bureaus). This includes the following:

      • Capture of multiple partner locations, anywhere from 50 - 500 locations
      • The Threshold Viewer embedded across DMO web properties (like this!)
      • Threshold Dashboard account including location level and aggregate analytics, the ability to create custom Share Pages for each location, and the Threshold Map builder, giving Sales, Services, and Marketing teams the ability to create proposals, neighborhood, and/or industry-specific maps (here's a share page example!)
      • Upload to Google My Business Profile for each and every DMO partner that Threshold captures (like this!)


Watch this video to get an overview of the Threshold for Destinations. It’s cool to know that once you capture a location, the content is quickly distributed in all of the above ways. We also recommend taking a look at the Destination page on the Threshold main site. 


To understand the benefits that the DMO partner location is receiving, check out this article