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Release Notes

The Threshold360 platform allows you to create, manage, and share Threshold Virtual Tours™.

Direct Link Sharing - Enables users to share and distribute individual links to individual locations within their library of content.

  • Direct sharing of Threshold Virtual Tours via link – either individually or for an entire location
  • Makes it simple to share Threshold Platform content independent of a Customer website
  • Straightforward integration of Virtual Tours with downstream platforms such as Cvent

Threshold Viewer v2 - An update to the Threshold 360 Player.

  • New Virtual Tour Access Menu - New prominent icon simplifies access to additional tours, encouraging greater engagement and increased viewing time
  • Updated Threshold List (full-screen tiles) - Easier view of other Threshold Virtual Tours, in a quick-to-browse overlay
  • Simplified Playback &  Full-Screen Controls - Simplified and Standardized interaction
  • “Play Through” Feature - automatic sequence playback - Standardized viewing mode alignment