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Release Notes: v1.3.10

Here are some of the features of our most recent release in the customer dashboard!

Discover Tab - Now Threshold 360 customers can discover the locations within their destination or neighborhood. For DMOs get a bird's eye view of all Threshold related content within the destination be it licensed or unlicensed. Hoteliers can also get a bird's eye view of available neighborhood content for mapping purposes.

Locations UI - A more visually appealing update for the locations tab that allows for you to see your destination sin a card view format in addition to the listings view format. The new UI also allows for filtered search by category as well as text search.

Total Views Metric - Added the ability to see the number of total metrics views for each location at the locations card level

Infinite Scroll - Added to both locations and maps tab removes the headache of tabbing from one set of locations/maps to the other.

Location Level Analytics - By popular demand, you may now have viewership into the data and analytics for each individual Threshold!

Map Builder - Map Builder limits a licensee to their licensed locations now (for hotel, all locations within 50 mi radius). For DMOs you will no longer see locations that are not apart of your library/destination.

Subtitle for Map POIs - Create descriptive subtitles for individual locations when building maps! Whether you are trying to communicate happy hour specials or display room rates for a meeting or convention this feature is easy to use!