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Two Capture Methods

Threshold offers two methods to capture your location partners

These two methods of capturing depend on the location type and the approach you'd like us to take. We can either just "stop by" a location during open business hours and capture content quickly or you can have the location schedule a specific capture appointment with us.

If you're a new customer onboarding with us, start by downloading the Project Planning template to include both Stop By Locations and Scheduled Locations that we should plan on capturing. 

Stop By Locations

Quantity: Minimum of 10 locations

Location types: Outdoor recreation (state or local parks, beach access points, trails, riverwalks, monuments, etc) and indoor locations like restaurants, cafes, bars, and small retail. 

This approach will fill your Dashboard with content quickly and start projects off with a bang! If you submit a list of 20 Stop By locations, we'll typically capture them within 2-3 weeks, guaranteed. Without scheduling, Creators can work within regular business hours and capture during the day.

We’ve historically had great success with proactively capturing these location types in this manner. Outdoor areas are obvious - there’s typically no one to schedule with or any barriers to a photographer capturing content on site. For the indoor locations listed above, most of them will take 10 - 15 minutes for our Creator to capture, and since guests and patrons can be present in all of our content due to our advanced privacy management and facial blurring tech, we’re able to capture during normal business hours. In these cases, our Creator will talk to the staff at the location upon entering to explain the program to them. We prefer that these locations have awareness of the program and a heads-up that our Creator will be capturing their business in the coming days. 


  1. If we've captured for you before, download the Stop By Capture Request template, fill it in with the data we need for your 10+ locations, and email it to your Account Manager. The Stop By Locations tab within the Project Planning template serves this same purpose for new customers.
  2. Once your Account Manager replies with a turnaround time, we’ll ask you to send an email to these partners so they have a heads-up. Download this Partnership Announcement Email template to prepare. 

Scheduling Capture

Quantity: No minimum, can be done at any time

Location types: hotels, resorts, venues, attractions, convention centers, sports facilities, stadiums, museums

These locations require some level of access and coordination to ensure that their spaces are cleared out and set-up, which is why we want to get them into to schedule. Our Creator will pay special attention to them and treat them just like one of our own customers. They will have the ability to provide a shot list and communicate to the Creator any needs beforehand so that the appointment time is used efficiently. 


  1. Confirm with our Scheduling Coordinator that your project is set-up and showing your local Creator's availability by emailing scheduling@threshold360.com.
  2. Send your partners to Threshold360.com/schedule. To learn more about how to promote this program and effectively get your partners to schedule their capture session, check out the Partner Outreach and Scheduling Guide