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Share Pages: What can I do with my Share Page link?

This article highlights the ways in which DMO partner locations can use their Share Page link

Are you excited to share your Threshold Virtual Tour™ with the world but not sure where to start? The first step is to request a Share Page link from your DMO. The Share Page is a complimentary feature for Partner Locations like yours. Once you have access to the link, follow the tips below to maximize the benefits of the Share Page.

Use it in Sales Proposals

Share Pages are a great way to communicate your organization to a client instead of bringing the client to your facility. Share Pages can become an integral part of your bids or requests for proposals - providing important information and an interactive experience of your space.

Publish to Social Media

Use Share Pages in your social media efforts to promote your destination by copying and pasting the link within your social posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Include the Share Page link in your Instagram bio or in sponsored posts, linking out from your standard photos and videos.

Feature the link in your email signature

An intriguing way to generate engagements for your location’s virtual tour is to feature and link the Share Page in your email signature. 


To access additional features like the ability to directly embed Threshold Virtual Tours on your business’s website - Threshold Platform access is required. If you're interested in these benefits and other powerful features, please reach out to us at threshold360.com/contact to schedule a Platform introduction.