Sharing Individual Threshold Links

Threshold Virtual tours are completely interactive, and sharable to a variety of formats via the share pages url.

By clicking into a Threshold 360 experience you have the option to see in a microsite type interface the fully enabled 360 experience.

To share a 360 experience simply:

  1. Navigate to the locations tab
  2. Click into the Threshold experience you would like to share
  3. Click on the share option in the bottom right of the viewer
  4. Copy the link, and share it with the world!

The Threshold Platform makes it easy to include these experiences whenever and however you’d like as part of your marketing stream.

As part of each tour, the user can see all the location information in the pull-down tab. In addition to the principal tour, which starts playing back automatically, you also have access to all the other virtual tours from this location, in the list on the left, as well as a map of the location’s whereabouts.

You also have a “call to action button” which can be customized– this could be a link to buy tickets, make a reservation, or any other web-based action I’d like.