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Understanding the Analytics Tab

The Threshold 360 Analytics Tab is your one-stop shop for understanding the value of your users 360 experiences.

With your Threshold experiences and Maps distributed, you may want to gauge the effectiveness of your content. The Threshold platform provides a rich toolkit for enabling this, providing many different analytics for tracking Threshold engagement over time.

To access the Analytics section, click on the Analytics tab in the upper right-hand corner. This brings you back to the Analytics pane, which allows you to see various metrics for your content.

To explore the different interactive metrics, use the controls on the right. Simply click on the box you want to explore - for example, Engagements, or Views – and a time-based view showing analytics value will appear on the left. To see the exact definition of each metric, simply hover your mouse over the small “?” symbol in the upper right-hand corner of each metric.

Here’s a quick summary of the key metrics:

  • Views – the total number of views of Threshold views (partial or complete). You can also consider these "impressions" as this is simply a count of each time a 360 interactive experience is viewed on a user screen.
  • Unique Users – the number of individual users who have viewed at least one Threshold.
  • Engagements – the number of times users have “clicked” on a threshold and directly interacted with it. You can consider this the number of times a user has "virtually" stepped across the threshold of a location. 
  • Completions – the number of times a Threshold was viewed from start to finish. An important metric to understand a deeper level of engagement by the user.
  • Video Time - the total amount of time spent by users experiencing Thresholds.
  • Google Views – the total number of views of your content on Google Business listings (if Google Upload option is purchased)

Moving the cursor over the main window will display a vertical line and provide specific metrics for the date chosen.

To change the time range being examined, simply use the pull-down in the upper right-hand corner.

The “CSV” function visible in the upper right-hand corner can be used to complete set of metrics for the time range currently selected.

Additionally there are other metrics that are designed to provide you a brief snapshot of the most engaging locations in your destination as well as an understanding of the value generated by your 360 content across your destination. 

  • Most Viewed Locations
    • Website - Provides the top five most viewed locations in your destination for 360 content
    • Google Views - Provides the top five most viewed locations in your destination for Google Business Listings 360 content
  • Most Engaged Locations - Provides the top five most engaged locations based on the above "engagement metric."
  • Earned Media Value - An approximation of the earned media value of your 360 content based on a $20 CPM for Google related views and a $30 CPM for views related to your website.

The analytics dashboard is powered by the embedded/integrated experiences from your user interactions. The dashboard metrics are powered by the following:

  • User interactions with points of interests on Threshold Maps
  • User interactions with embedded/integrated content on your website
  • User interactions on shared links or shared pages

The analytics dashboard is designed to provide you with valuable insights to understand the level of impact the 360 content has for your website.