Creating Virtual Display Ads

How Virtual Display Ads Work

Template 1

Virtual Display Ads are fundamentally layers of JavaScript that can be added into standard display ads. For each ad panel to be enabled with a virtual tour, Threshold 360 provides the agency or customer with a set of Links and/or JavaScript that automatically downloads the virtual tour content and the embedded viewer on demand. Agencies and Customers can add design elements and additional layers, including Calls to Action, to this ad, and then publish it through any standard ad platform. 

The Creation Process

The creation and delivery of Virtual Display ads is a straightforward 4-step process, enabling the Agency or DMO to have complete creative control over each ad, to ensure it fits seamlessly into the target campaign. 

Design & Layout

Virtual Display Ads can be easily created and customized using standard JavaScript, and seamlessly fit into almost any campaign. Threshold also provides several standard pre-built templates (Click to download the ZIP file-140KB) for customers and agencies to use as a guideline when creating ads. Threshold recommends using a subset of the standard IAB-standard banner ad sizes - especially popular sizes such as 300x250 and 300x600.  These sizes are gauged to provide maximum likelihood of interaction on the part of the ad viewer, while also ensuring that the 360 experience isn’t compressed into too small a space. 

Next Steps

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