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What can I do with the virtual tour of my location?

72 hours after our Creator captures your location, it's ready for you to view and share!

All of the content that we capture goes to the Threshold Map 72 hours post-capture. To search for your location, go here. This map is built for shareability. You can click here within your location's view to get access to a shareable link. From there, the virtual tour can be shared on a number of social media channels, or the unique link can be copied and saved for the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Group sales proposals (linking within PDFs)
  • Added to various marketplace listing pages like Cvent, etc.

Would you like a full-screen version of your location's virtual tour that's also shareable and not connected to the Threshold Map? You can request a Share Page link from your DMO. To learn more about Share Pages, go here.


If you'd like to embed the virtual tour on your website, create custom maps highlighting surrounding attractions, get access to robust analytics, and more, schedule a free demo!


To see the full list of the partner benefits you're receiving by participating in this service provided by your local Destination Marketing Organization, go here